FAST Series for Tractor Drivers: Section Three--Exams/Exercises


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Please answer these statements T when TRUE or F when FALSE
____ 1. It's not a good idea to report problems with the equipment to your supervisor.
____ 2. Experienced tractor operators should help new operators by calling to their attention dangerous practices.
____ 3. Work doesn't have to be all work and no play. It is alright to play practical jokes on other employees occasionally.
____ 4. It is alright to not use your seat belt when the tractor has ROPS.
____ 5. Where possible you should avoid operating your tractor near ditches and embankments.
____ 6. It is best to speed up when making turns because it helps give the tractor more traction to the ground.
____ 7. It is not good to allow other people to ride on the tractor but if there is a two bar attached to the tractor it is alright occasionally to give a fellow employee a ride.
____ 8. When pulling out stumps or very heavy objects it is best to have slack in the towing chain and get up as much speed as possible before the chain can become taut.
____ 9. The only places you can hitch implements to the drawbar are the points recommended by the tractor's manufacturer.
____ 10. You must check your tractor for safety problems prior to operating it each day.

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