Think Safety With ...Shredder-Grinders

Product Definition

  • Shredder-Grinders are designed to shred, grind, tear and pulverize a wide assortment of materials -- leaves, twigs, hedge clippings, brush and branches. While some shredders are made to shred and blow debris into a bag, heavier duty models produce compost from damp debris and leaves. These models shred the debris and force it through a screen back onto the ground.
Before Using Shredder-Grinders
  • Dress properly for the job, wearing substantial shoes, work gloves, hearing protection, approved safety glasses/goggles, long pants and close-fitting clothes.
  • Clean up and clear out the area of people, especially children, and pets before you start your shredder-grinder. Keep bystanders at least 25 feet away from equipment.
  • Fill your gasoline tank only while the engine is cold. Don't spill when you fill. If you need to refuel before completing a job, turn off the machine and allow the engine to cool. Never light a match or smoke around gasoline.
  • Read the operator's manual to find out where controls are and what they do, and always check for additional safety instructions. Know how to stop the machine quickly. Do not remove or disable guards or other safety devices.
Operate Your Shredder-Grinder Carefully
  • Operate your shredder-grinder on a level surface. Do not operate the shredder-grinder on a paved or gravel surface. Discharged material may bounce from a hard surface and cause personal injury.
  • Stand clear of the discharge area when operating your equipment.
  • Do not put face, hands, feet or any part of your body or clothing near the chute, hopper or discharge area.
  • If shredder-grinder becomes clogged, jammed or makes an unusual noise, shut the engine off. To avoid injury, make sure all moving parts have come to a complete stop. Rotating blades take time to stop after the engine is off. Disconnect the spark plug wire and inspect the hopper, chute, internal chamber and discharge area. Use only a wooden stick to clear away jammed material.
  • Shredder-grinders are made for use with organic materials only. When feeding materials into the shredder-grinder, be extremely careful not to put pieces of metal, rocks, bottles or nails inside machine.
  • Do not allow shredded material to build up in or clog the discharge area -- clogging prevents proper discharge of materials and can result in kickback of material.
  • Do not overreach when feeding material into the shredder-grinder. Keep proper footing and balance at all times.
  • Do not transport or move your equipment while engine is running.
Keep Your Shredder-Grinder in Peak Operating Condition
  • Inspect the shredder-grinder periodically for potential hazards:
    • Loose belts
    • Missing or damaged guards
    • Accumulations of grass, leaves or excessive grease to reduce fire hazard
  • Seek the professional advice and/or service of a qualified servicing dealer for problems.
  • Take your shredder-grinder to an experienced servicing dealer every year for a safety and maintenance inspection.

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