Time to check SMV emblems (News Release)

As you look ahead to harvest, make sure you have slow-moving vehicle emblems on all tractors, wagons and other implements that will be on public roads this season. These familiar florescent emblems may save your life.

Replace faded emblems. Sunlight can reduce the effectiveness of the reflective material, as can dirt and debris. Make sure all emblems are clean.

Are the emblems visible to other motorists? If you're pulling several wagons or implements, the SMV emblem must be visible by motorists approaching you from the rear. You do not have to display an SMV emblem on the last vehicle being towed, but it helps. Place emblems on equipment at least 2 feet, but not more than 6 feet, above the ground.

Keep extra emblems on hand. Emblems usually can be obtained from local equipment or implement dealers. For more information about Iowa's SMV laws, contact your local Extension office.

NOTE: You may want to localize by listing locations in your community where SMV emblems are available.

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