Goin' through the Motions and Ergonomics: Video Display Terminals

This program shows the best ways to work at video display terminals to reduce stress and possible injury without sacrificing productivity. The video provides a step-by-step examination of the components of the VDT workstation, including the height and distance of the monitor, the keyboard, the chair, and an explanation of the science of ergonomics and its benefits. The program also presents five stress-relieving exercises employees can do at their workstations and includes a quiz on workstation ergonomics.
Request video: SOU-002 (Free preview available) Contact: LearnCom Safety Resources Hap Newell, ESH Sales Manager 1-800-217-2338 URL: http://www.learncom.com/safety/index.do
Purchase -- $395.00 (DVD or VHS; English or Spanish)
All workers who use computers