Pipeline Safety

Logging and forestry work can be dangerous! Help your crew members stay safe with frequent safety meetings. This Pipeline Safety factsheet, along with the others in this collection, were designed to be used as 5 minute tailgate trainings.

Incident Summary:

It looked like a road or path through the woods, but the ground an East Texas logging crew crossed on its way to a work site was a pipeline right‐of‐way, with a buried natural gas pipeline.

While the logging crew was clearing timber, a pipeline company representative arrived and asked if they had taken precautions for crossing a pipeline right‐of‐way.   They were unaware that there is a procedure for safely crossing pipelines with heavy equipment.

In this case, the logging crew was lucky.  The weight of heavy machinery like logging equipment or trucks can crack or crush a buried pipeline, damage the coating, or even cause a pipeline rupture. This could result in injuries, equipment damage, disruption of services and lead to expensive fines, repair costs and significant down‐time.

If you see or smell anything abnormal on or around the right‐of‐way, report your concerns to 911 and the pipeline company immediately.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What does a right‐of‐way look like?
  2. What could happen if you cross a right‐of‐way with logging equipment?
  3. Have you ever worked near a right‐of‐way?
  4. What should you do before your cross a right‐of‐way?  

Take Home Message:

Call before you cross.  Every time you plan to cross a pipeline, call the toll‐free, 24‐hour number for your area, which can be found on the pipeline marker located along the right‐of‐way.  

Call 811 three working days before moving to a new logging site. 



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