Silo Maintenance

From time to time, older tower silos collapse. Structural components can be weakened by seepage and the corrosive effects of silage acids. If damage is not repaired and routine maintenance is neglected, silo collapse is a distinct possibility.

Seek professional advice concerning silo repairs if you suspect that concrete deterioration has occurred.

Following is a checklist of silo components that need to be assessed during a silo inspection:

  • Wooden doors should be checked for rot and physical damage
  • Check bolts and bolt heads for tightness and degree of corrosion
  • Evaluate corrosion and physical damage to door steps and latches
  • Cast iron hinge eyes should be tightened and assessed for corrosion
  • Concrete door frames should be checked for deterioration and physical damage
  • Doors must seat properly in their frames for latch systems to work effectively
  • Replace wire rope on the unloader if signs of wear are evident
    Outside ladders should be fitted with structurally sound safety cages to prevent falls

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