The Kentucky Community Partners for Healthy Farming ROPS Project

The Kentucky Community Partners for Healthy Farming ROPS Project : Activities for Farm Community Meetings

This section of the collection contains a variety of engaging activities that can be used effectively at farm community meetings, in classrooms, and other group settings. The activities have been evaluated and found to be easy to use, interesting, and effective for teaching information about the risk of tractor overturns and the effectiveness of ROPS for preventing overturn injuries. The activities also support attitudes and actions related to equipping tractors with ROPS and seat belts.

Each item has its own set of "Tips" for using the materials. In addition, most items have a table of contents that lists the individual items contained within that activity. The materials contained in this section of the document occur in the order in which they are listed below.

Activity Name
Skits About Tractors and ROPS SKITS 8 pre-scripted role-play situations about real-life events and conversations about close calls, tractor overturns, and ROPS

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Mr. Good Egg Farmer Simulation Exercise MGE Instructor's manual with directions for using simple apparatus, scale model tractors and raw hens' eggs as simulated tractor operators to demonstrate the consequences of overturns without a ROPS and the protection provided by ROPS and seat belts. Many ancillary materials are included (stories, charts, questions, and related activities).

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 (Instructor's Guide, Appendix A) Powerpoint File
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My Experience with Tractor Overturns and My Story Activity MEO A one-page form that solicits and tabulates from a group the number of people they know who overturned tractors and were (a) killed, (b) permanently disabled (c) severely injured, (d) injured, or (e) not injured. Group members are invited to tell and/or write brief stories about these experiences.

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Can All Tractors Be Fitted with ROPS? CAT A three-part Internet learning activity designed for middle and high school students as well as for adult farmers. Websites provide access to real cases of tractor overturn fatalities. The user may submit information about any tractor to find ROPS available for that particular model. Print materials included in the document include Internet addresses.

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Photos of Fatal and Non-Fatal Tractor Overturns POF A set of ten 8 X 10-inch color photos of overturned tractors. People are asked to examine the photos, describe what happened and discuss the consequences. Brief factual information is provided for each event depicted in the photographs. For use as a group activity or as a display.

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Homemade ROPS - Should You Make Your Own? HMR Includes questions about homemade ROPS, a memorandum about the dangers of homemade ROPS, a fact sheet about safety and liability problems, and a one-page color flier promoting use of certified ROPS available from manufacturers.

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Tractor Overturn Stories TOS Dramatic first-person accounts of tractor overturn events where the storyteller was severely injured or where someone he or she loved was killed.

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Pause for Thought: Should You Install a ROPS Yourself? Lessons Learned. PFT Story about a part-time farmer who helped his two sons install a ROPS on a tractor, their motivations for doing so, the tools they needed, the difficulties they encountered, and the lessons they learned.

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Facts About Tractor/Motor Vehicle Collisions TMVC A collection of facts and stories about highway collisions between tractors and motor vehicles in Iowa, Ohio, and Kentucky. Large graphs and charts show the most common types of collisions and when they occur. True stories reveal the circumstances and consequences of the collisions and the protection provided by ROPS and seat belts during such collisions.

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Developed by the University of Kentucky KY CPHF ROPS Project during 1996-00 with support from CDC/NIOSH Cooperative Agreements U07/CCU408035-05-2 and 06-1 and U06/CCU412900-01, -02, and -03 to the University of Kentucky, Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention.

Additional authors and co-authors are listed on individual materials included in this collection.

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