Make a Better Sun Shield

  • Eisenbarth, Ramona

 Farmers need to be aware of their risk for developing skin cancer. Protection is needed. Farmers are advised to wear a hat or cap with a brim and flap which shields the tip of the nose, the temples, ears and neck. Use of sunscreens with a SPF of at least 15, eye protection, and wearing long-sleeved shirts will help give protection.

Farmers can add a flap to the caps they are wearing to protect ears, temples and neck and to decrease their skin cancer risk.

Prepare a pattern from plain paper. Size may be adjusted to fit your cap. Fold a piece of paper (20 inches by 13 inches) in half. (See figure 1 - draw lines as indicated.) Use muslin or matching cotton fabric (need approximately 15 inches of 45 inch wide fabric). May use one thickness of heavier fabric.

Cut two flaps. With right side together, stitch around outside leaving small opening at center top. Turn right side out and press. (Use 1/4 inch seams.) (Figure 2)

Prepare a tab. Cut a piece of fabric 2 inches by 6 inches. Fold in half (right sides together) and stitch along both long edges. Turn and press. Insert tab at center top of flap and baste in place. Top stitch along outside of flaps. Stitch again 3/4 inch below stitching at top. (Figure 3)

Attach flap to cap by sewing one inch strips of 3/4 inch velcro to the cap and to the flap. Place one at top of the adjustment band and on the upper tab; one at each side of cap above edge of brim and each side of flap. (*) - placement of fasteners - figure 3

Instead of velcro, you may sew buttons on cap and make buttonholes on flaps.

Ramona Eisenbarth - North Dakota Agricultural Occupational Health Program

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