Beware of Rollovers (PSA Radio Script)

(Time :30)

Your chance of getting killed while driving your tractor are higher than any other task you do around the farm.

Tractor rollover has been the leading cause of farm operator deaths for the past two decades. In fact, one out of every five deaths on the farm occurs when a tractor rolls over on top of the operator.

The tragic thing about tractor rollovers is that many could be prevented. Safe driving techniques, special equipment, and never allowing passengers to ride on the tractor can reduce these risks.

It's worth a thought every day: How are you staying safe on your tractor?

This radio public service announcement was distributed by Iowa State University Extension as part of the Safe Farm program. Safe Farm promotes health and safety in agriculture. It is funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Iowa State University, and a network

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