Minimize Pesticide Exposure with Proper Clothes (PSA Radio Script)

(Time: 45)

Working around farm pesticides can be a dangerous operation. If you want to minimize your exposure to farm pesticides, think about your clothes and plan on using appropriate protective gear.

The most common route for pesticide poisoning is through skin absorption, not by inhaling or ingesting the chemicals. Your clothing, then, becomes your first and best defense against pesticide poisoning. Choose the right clothes. Know how to take care of them. And wear them.

Remember, the most expensive rubber gloves can't protect you if you leave them on the floor in your tractor cab.

This message has been brought to you by Safe Farm, helping to make your farm a safe place to work and live.

This radio public service announcement was distributed by Iowa State University Extension as part of the Safe Farm program. Safe Farm promotes health and safety in agriculture. It is funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Iowa State University, and a network of groups that serve Iowa farm workers and their families. Distribution date: May 1992

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