ASAE Technical Papers

Determining Methods for Obtaining Farm Fatality Data (S. T. Hohman, D. J. Murphy, Paper No. 93-1510)

Harvest Equipment Safety Marking (M. Hanna, C. V. Schwab, C. J. Lehtola, R. W. Steffen, Paper No. 93-1512)

State Codes for Road Travel of Agricultural Machinery (L. C. Eicher, R. K. Wood, T. L. Bean, T. G. Carpenter, (R. G. Holmes, Paper No. 93-1513)

Enhancement of the SMV Emblem (R. E. Dennis, R. K. Wood, T. L. Bean, T. G. Carpenter, (R. G. Holmes, Paper No. 93-1514)

A 1/12th Scale Tractor Design for Safety Demonstration (W. R. Kiner, E. M. Barnes, Paper No. 93-1587)

A Tractor Injury Intervention Program (C. J. Lehtola, Paper No. 93-1588)

Farm Injury Intervention: Ohio:s Tractor Certification Program (A. J. Yorosh, T. L. Bean, J. A. Gliem, Paper No. 93-1589)

Injury Prevention Programming for Aged Tractor Operators (F. Ambe, D. J. Murphy, Paper No. 93-1590)

Evaluation of a Farm Safety and Health Communication Campaign (C. V. Schwab, L. J. Miller, Paper No. 93-1591)

The Arizona Model Safety and Health Program (K. C. Anderson, C. L. Fluegel, J. B. Quintero, Paper No. 93-1592)

Farm Safety Day Camp Programs in Minnesota (J. M. Shutske, C. K. Miller, Paper No. 93-1593)

Agricultural Safety and Health Educational Needs of Professionals (T. G. Pierson, D. J. Murphy, Paper No. 93-1594)

Development of a Tractor Driving Simulator (J. B. Wilkerson, B. C. Asbury, T. G. Prather, J. B. Lown, Paper No. 93-1615)

Farm Safety Community Leadership Development Initiative (R. E. Petrea, R. A. Aherin, Paper No. 93-1616)

Characteristics of SMV Accidents (L. A. Glascock, T. L. Bean, R. K. Wood, T. G. Carpenter, (R. G. Holmes, Paper No. 93-1618)

Front and Rear Lighting and Marking Requirements for SMVs (L. A. Glascock, T. L. Bean, R. K. Wood, T. G. Carpenter, (L. C. Eicher, R. G. Holmes, Paper No. 93-1619)

A Technique for Determining Tractor Axle Housing Strength for Adding ROPS on Older Tractors (D. Wen, G. H. Hetzel, J. V. Perumpral, Paper No. 94-5001)

Finite Element Analysis of Axle Housing Strength for Pre-ROPS John Deere 720 Tractor (D. Wen, G. H. Hetzel, J. H. Wilson, Paper No. 94-5002)

Testing of Roll-Over Protective Structures (ROPS) Designed for Pre-ROPS Tractors (C. M. Johnson, P. D. Ayers, Paper No. 94-5003)

Model to Evaluate Exposure Criteria During ROPS Testing (P.D. Ayers, M. Dickson, S. Warner, Paper No. 94-5004)

Usage of Tractor Safety Resource Materials by Groups (C. J. Lehtola, H. M. Hanna, Paper No. 94-5005)

Improved Road Lighting Systems for Agricultural Equipment (J. B. Sevart, M. W. Smoll, Paper No. 94-5006)

Running Boards for Farm Tractors (W. F. Buchele, Paper No. 94-5009)

This document was extracted from the Journal of Ag Safety and Health (Volume 1, Number 1, February 1995).

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