EPA Worker Protection Standard Danger Poster

Basic Instructions:

  1. Take a look at the sample picture of the poster and make sure it's the one you want. If you'd like to see a larger sample, click on the image or the link below.
  2. Click on the 'Download Poster" link below. (If your Acrobat Reader is configured as a plug-in or helper application with your web browser, it will automatically start up and display the poster. If not, your browser will ask you for instructions. Tell it to "save the file" and view it later with your browser. If clicking on the link does not seem to work properly, 'right-click' on the link and select "save file as" and view the file later with your reader.)
  3. Once the poster is showing in your reader, you may view or print it as needed. If you've downloaded a 'multi-page' poster, you will only see part of the poster (usually the upper left) in your reader at a time. This is normal as the poster is intended to print out in pieces which are assembled afterwards.

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