Pickup Restraints (Dialogue) (PSA Radio Script)

60 seconds

Sound FX: Living room door opens & closes. Scene: Husband (Mariano) arrives home from work. He walks into living room and lets wife (Maria) know that he's home...

Mariano:Maria, I'm home!

Maria:Hi honey (they kiss). (agitated) Mariano, Did I see you just get out of that pickup?!! You know that riding in the back of an open pickup is very dangerous and illegal!!!

Mariano:Well, I couldn't find another day hauler or any other ride home.

Maria:Then you need to find a ride the day before. They reported on the news that every year more than 40 people die and 2,000 or so are injured by being thrown from a pickup just like that one. Honey I don't want you to take chances.

Mariano:(Hmmm ... ) You know what, Maria? I think I'll ask Don Francisco to give me a ride to work. He's got a van that's safe and that has all the necessary permits and insurance.

Maria:What a good idea...

Narrator:As of January 1st, 1994, it is illegal to ride in the back of a pickup truck or flatbed unless the pickup has a camper or has been equipped with seats and safety belts. Don't risk your life. Be safe. Do it for yourself and for your family.

A message from the UCDavis Ag Health & Safety Center Outreach, Applied Behavioral Sciences Dept. and the California Highway Patrol, El Protector Program.

This radio public service announcement was produced by the Agricultural Health and Safety Center, Applied Behavioral Sciences of the University of California at Davis. For further information contact Jenny Rodriguez, UCCE, Ag. Bldg., County Civic Center, Visalia, CA 93291-4584, (209) 733-6491.

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