Packing House Safety (PSA Radio Script)

3 Characters
Sound- machinery, ladies talking with loud voices

Juana: Oh, so many hours standing up!

Gloria: Yes, my legs are killing me too. There's no way to sit down in these packing houses..

Machinery stops

Lidia: Ay! What happened?...Oh, not again? This machine has been breaking down all day. Juana:Well, at lease while they're fixing it we can relax.

Lidia: (shouting) Hey! Juana! What are you doing? Don't lean on that conveyer belt! Didn't you hear what happened to Mar¡a?

Juana: OK! OK! You scare me. What happened to Maria?

Lidia: Last week we had several machine breakdowns. She was tired and leaned on the machine and it suddenly started again at full speed. The belt caught Mar¡a's long sleeve. She pulled it out just in time but her wrist was broken.

Juana: Oh, my! I didn't hear about that.

Gloria: That's right....Maria was lucky but she will be off work for at least a month. Let's talk to the supervisor about posting a warning. No one should work around these belts with long hair loose, long sleeves, hanging jewelry or anything that can get caught in the machinery.

Juana: Well, thanks for warning me. I think I'll roll these sleeves up.

Lidia: And I think I'll talk to the supervisor.

Gloria: I'll go with you. We are responsible for our own safety. But we need to let the bosses know about safety problems.

Machine starts up again.

Juana: Oh, back to work. At least I know what NOT to do from now on.

This radio public service announcement was produced by the Agricultural Health and Safety Center, Applied Behavioral Sciences of the University of California at Davis. For further information contact Jenny Rodriguez, UCCE, Ag. Bldg., County Civic Center, Visalia, CA 93291-4584, (209) 733-6491.

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