Interpreting Your Water Test Report

  • Parrott, Kathleen;
  • Ross, Blake

Analytical Laboratory Report

Client: Client Name Collected by: KM
Project: Analytical Laboratory Services Project Number: CL000001
Date Collected: 08/24/94 Time Collected: 7:35 a.m.
Sample Identification: Kitchen tap Lab Number: 01000

Analysis Results Units
Total Coliform Bacteria 50 #/100mL
Nitrate-Nitrogen 4.55 mg/L
pH 7.50
Iron 0.55 mg/L
Hardness as CaCo3 280 mg/L
Sulfate-Sulfur 32.0 mg/L
Chloride 25.4 mg/L
Specific Conductance 344 umhos/cc

On the basis of the above test result(s), this water sample DOES NOT MEET EPA Drinking Water Standards.

The following notes apply to this sample:

The Total Coliform Bacteria exceeded the max.lev.of 1 colony/100mL
The Iron level exceeded the limit of 0.3 mg/L.

Submitted by: _________________

Laboratory Manager

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