Interpreting Your Water Test Report

  • Parrott, Kathleen;
  • Ross, Blake

Contaminant Acceptable Limit Effects
Chlorides 250 mg/L Salty or brackish taste; corrosive; blackens and pits stainless steel
Copper (Cu) 1.0 mg/L Blue-green stains on plumbing fixtures; bitter, metallic taste
Iron (Fe) 0.3 mg/L Metallic taste; discolored beverages; yellowish stains on laundry, reddish brown stains on fixtures
Manganese (Mn) 0.05 mg/L Black specks on fixtures; bitter taste
Sulfates (SO4) 250 mg/L Bitter, medicinal taste; corrosive
Iron Bacteria ------- Orange- to brown-colored slime in water

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Publication #: 356-489

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