Respirators Never Sounded So Good (PSA Radio Script)

(Time: 30)

(Voice speaking through respirator)

You may have a hard time understanding me because I'm wearing a respirator. It fits over my nose and mouth and takes dirt, grain dust, mold, even exhaust fumes, out of the air I breathe.

(Take off respirator)

That's better. It's not hard to understand why farmers need to wear respirators when they do certain jobs. In the long run, respirators protect my lungs.

Sure, wearing a respirator can be a hassle, but they sound a lot better than this...

(sound of coughing, heart monitor or siren of emergency medical vehicle)'s perfectly clear why farmers need them.

This radio public service announcement script was distributed by Iowa State University Extension as part of the Safe Farm Program. Safe Farm promotes health and safety in agriculture. It is funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Iowa State University, and a network of groups that serve Iowa farm workers and their families. Distribution date: February 1993

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