Amish Health Care Concerns

  • Slabaugh-Wengerd, Beverly L.

Health care is a major concern for many in the Amish community. Those concerns center around the cost and availability of health care. Most Amish families, regardless of occupation, do not prescribe to conventional health insurance. They pay directly for care or church groups provide assistance with health care costs.

The Amish reside in rural areas and have limited transportation resources. Local providers and accessible health care facilities are critical to meeting their health care needs.

While the Amish have maintained their uniqueness as a culture by rejecting many of today's modern advances, their health care needs remain current with the majority of Americans.

This research abstract was extracted from a portion of the proceedings of "Agricultural Safety and Health: Detection, Prevention and Intervention," a conference presented by the Ohio State University and the Ohio Department of Health, sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control/National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

B. L. Slabaugh-Wengerd, Wooster Community Hospital OHNAC Project, Wooster, OH.

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