Research Publications-2, Injury and Illness Prevention Program

  • Bennett, Donald G.;
  • Forsen, Erik


On July 1, 1991, with the enactment of Senate Bill 198, every employer in California (including agricultural employers) must establish, implement and maintain an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). The IIPP shall be in writing and requires the employer to implement the following eight charges:

  • Identify the person(s) with the authority and responsibility for implementing the program
  • Include a system for ensuring that employees comply with safe and healthy work practices
  • Include a safety communication system with employees
  • Conduct periodic inspections to identify and evaluate workplace hazards
  • Establish a procedure for investigating workplace accidents and hazardous substance exposures
  • Correct unsafe or unhealthy work conditions in a timely manner
  • Conduct a program of safety and health training and instruction
  • Establish a procedure for record keeping and documentation
Laws and Regulations

The authority for the IIPP is in Title 8, Section 3203, of the California Code of Regulations (CCR). Prior to July 1, 1991, this section of the code required every employer to have an Accident Prevention Program that included employee training and a provision for conducting scheduled periodic inspections to identify and correct any unsafe conditions and work practices that may be found.

The legislative intent of SB 198 in 1989 was to expand the requirements of GISO 3203 and make employers more accountable for the development and implementation of an injury and illness prevention program. Every employer must now develop and implement a written program, identify a designated safety administrator, and involve the employees in the safety program.

Model Programs

Many organizations have developed sample or model IIPPs for employers to follow. Employers should first check with their workers compensation insurance company for assistance. Help is also available from the Cal/OSHA Consultation Service. Following is a list of three programs currently available:

Workplace Injury & Illness Prevention Model Program for employers with intermittent workers. In English and Spanish, Cal/OSHA Consultation Service.

Injury and Illness Prevention Program: A Resource Guide for California Agriculture. University of California Cooperative Extension. Prepared by James M. Meyers, et al., 40 pages, includes checklists. Can be obtained from the UC Farm Safety Program, UC Davis or AgSafe.

Worksite Injury Prevention Workbook. Includes sample program, work rules, inspection checklist and pesticide first aid procedures. Contract the Farm Employers Labor Service.

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