Discipline Ideas For Parents

 Discipline is a very important part of parenting. Ithelps children grow in a loving way.

Discipline is not punishment. Punishment is not theway to teach children to behave. It may only teachthem to be afraid of you and to hit others.

Physical punishment, such as hitting, spanking orshaking can hurt children. This is abuse.

You can also abuse children with words. Forexample: when you make them feel unloved, stupid,wicked, or hopeless.

Give your children reasonable, limited choices.Limit give children freedom to make decisions.

Some Tips for Parents:

  • Be reasonable. Do not expect too much..
  • When children misbehave, suggest a new activity.Set things up to encourage good behavior.
  • Be patient. No one said parenting was easy!
  • Tell, don't ask. Tell your children what you want them to do. Don't ask them to do it.
  • Offer choices. Making choices is an important part of growing up. For example, let your children choose the clothes they want to wear.
  • Set a good example. Children learn by watching.

Remember, discipline is teaching.....
It is one way to show love to your children.

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