Good Discipline is: Guiding and Teaching the Children

 Good guidance and discipline are not always easy for most parents. Sometimes parents don't know what is best to do.

Discipline is a way to correct and to teach children. It needs to make sense to them. It must help them feel good about themselves. It needs to give them a chance to correct their mistakes. Guidance is not punishment. Punishment only tells children that they are bad. For instance,spanking your children doesn't teach them what they should do. It may teach them that it is all right to hit people.

Have a few simple rules, make sure your children understand them, and stick to them. Explain what will happen if they break a rule.

Praise your children's good behavior.Take time to put your affection into words.

Tell your children what to do, rather than what NOT to do.

Change the situation whenever possible rather than trying to change your children's behavior.

Talk instead of hitting your children. Physical punishment like spanking can make children feel that they are bad people.Your children will only earn to be afraid of you or to hit others.


Tips for Disciplining:

Try to keep calm when disciplining your children. If you find yourself getting angry at your children, take time out.

The guidance that works best is fair, consistent, sensitive and loving.

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