Help Your Children to Love Reading

    Reading is the foundation for all future learning. Reading also enriches a child's life.

    All parents can help children with reading. Above all, they can make reading interesting and enjoyable and show that it is important. Children who enjoy reading are likely to read frequently.

  • Start reading aloud to your child at an early age. Use simple picture books.
  • Read to your child every day. A family reading routine stresses the importance and value of reading. Find a quiet, cozy place to read together.
  • Make storytime special. Treat this time together as a bonus, not an alternative to other activities. Add interest by reading poems and riddles, singing songs, and sharing memories and daily experiences.
  • Put life into your reading. Change your voice for different characters. Let your voice get soft and loud.
 Use other ways to encourage your children to participate actively with you. Let them choose the book and turn the pages. Ask them to guess what will happen during a story.

Continue reading with your children after they start school. Children are often interested in books that they cannot yet read.

Let your children see you reading. Keep books, magazines, and newspapers around the home. Take books in the car, to doctor's offices, restaurants, and on vacation.

Buy books as gifts, borrow books from the library, and give your children a special place to keep their books.


Give your child a chance to know and love books. This is a gift that will last a lifetime!

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