Helping Your Children Grow

 The first three years of a child's life are probably the most important. Simple, everyday activities are the basis of a child's later development.All children are different and grow at their own pace. Don't worry if your children aren't doing the same thing as other children at the same age.

While growing, your children will need:

  • love, guidance and discipline,
  • food and sleep,
  • a safe place to live and play,
  • and people to play with and talk to.

 Choosing child care is a tough job for any parent. First you need to decide which type of care is right for you and your children: family day care, childcare centers or an in- home caregiver.
Some things to consider when choosing child care:

  • Is the place safe, clean and comfortable?
  • Do the children seem to be having a good time?
  • What methods of discipline are used?
  • Are there enough toys and equipment? Is it safe and in good repair?
  • Do you, as a parent, feel welcome to visit any time?
  • What is the staff's experience? Is there much turnover of staff?
  • How many children are there in the program? How many children are under the care of one adult?
  • Is there a regular routine for the children?
  • Is there a nap or rest time? Where do the children sleep?
  • Are the meals and snacks nutritious?

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