Safe Use of Livestock Medications

Agricultural Tailgate Safety Training


To demonstrate how to handle and store livestock medications.

Trainer's Note:

The livestock producer needs to handle needles and medicines and this can be dangerous. An employee responsible for administering medication might assist with this demonstration. Highlight the proper usage and disposal of needles.


Livestock medicines, vaccines, syringes, and needles should be stored in a locked cabinet. Medicines requiring refrigeration should be stored away from food in a child proof area. Live vaccines are hazardous and can potentially cause disease. Purchase vaccines on an "as needed" basis. Disposal should comply with infectious waste requirements. Check with the local waste disposal management office.

EPA regulations require that sharp objects be disposed of in sturdy plastic containers such as a laundry detergent bottle, a two liter soda container or a coffee can with a heavily taped plastic lid. Check for additional local regulations.

Storing uncapped or recapping used sharps is risky. Drop used needles or syringes directly into the disposal container without recapping them.

If someone is stuck by a needle, clean the wound and then cover it with a bandage. See a physician immediately. A tetanus injection may be needed.

When working with animal health care medicines:

  • Store all livestock medical supplies in a locked cabinet.
  • Store medicines away from food and children.
  • Be careful not to stick yourself or anyone else when using a needle.
  • Discard all used needles and syringes in an approved method.
  • Seek medical attention if stuck by a used needle.
  • Never reuse medical supplies. It may spread disease.
  • Wash hands with hot water and a disinfectant when finished with health tasks.
  • Purchase drugs only as needed.
Review the Following Points
  • Keep all livestock medications stored in locked cabinet.
  • Never store medicines with food, and wash hands immediately after completing health task.
  • Reusing medical supplies can spread disease.
  • Seek medical attention if stuck with a needle.
Safe Use of Livestock Medications Quiz

True or False

1. It is a good idea to store some livestock medical supplies with food.
2. If accidentally stuck by a needle, you do not need to see a physician.
3. Wash hands in hot, soapy water after completing health care tasks.
4. Live vaccines are considered hazardous.
5. Lock all livestock medical supplies in a cabinet away from children.

Answer Key
1. F, 2. F, 3. T, 4. T, 5. T

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