Pesticide Issues Conference

Pesticide Issues Conference

Co-sponsored by the Washington State University Pesticide Education Program, UW School of Public Health and Community Medicine, and Northwest Center for Occupational Safety & Health, the 7th annual conference focused on the new Washington state pesticide monitoring regulations. Plenary sessions reviewed issues of pesticide toxicity and exposure. During concurrent breakout sessions, growers/managers, applicators/handlers, and medical providers were given information and materials on how best to comply. A featured address by Michael Alavanja, Senior Investigator, National Cancer Institute, reported on recent links found between pesticides and cancer. (Note: Not all conference presentations are available.)


1) Dan Sudakin: Acute Toxicity of Pesticides
2) Richard Fenske: Measuring Pesticide Exposure
3) Jeff Lutz: Injury and Illness Prevention in Washington Agricultural Production
4) Carol Dancereau: Perspectives on Pesticide Health Issues
5) Barbara Morrissey: Pesticide Incidents/Department of Health Data
6) Ann Byar: Poisoning Determinations
7) Jim McFerson: Roadmap for Reduced Pesticide Exposure in the Tree Fruit Industry
8) Carol Ramsay: Cholinesteras Basics
9) Karl Weyrauch: Acetylcholinesterase Monitoring and Informed Consent for Handlers
10) Pedro Serrano: Compliance with the Rule
11) Carol Ramsay: Illness prevention/Respiratory Protection
12) Patricia Boiko: Cholinesterase Basics
13) John Furman: Cholinesterase Monitoring Rule, Monitoring, and Employee Participation
14) Matt Keifer: Diagnosis of Cholinesterase Poisoning and Other Common Pesticide Illnesses
15) Jeff Lutz: Grower Perspectives and Medical Providers
16) Patrick Pleas: Farm Labor Perspectives on Working with Medical Providers

Presenter Biographies and Abstracts

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