The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Agricultural Tailgate Safety Training


To become familiar with the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Trainer's Note:

Safety increases when on-the-job hazards are understood. The MSDS is an easy reference for information on hazardous substances. The MSDS must be "readily accessible" to workers exposed to hazardous substances. The distribution of MSDS is required on farms with eleven or more (full or part time) employees. Review the MSDS supplied with this module. Emphasize that the information benefits and protects workers. Use a MSDS to guide the discussion.


The MSDS provides information on hazardous materials, substances, and wastes. Chemical manufacturers develop and provide an MSDS for each hazardous product. The distributor is responsible for getting MSDSs to employers. Keep at least one copy of the MSDS with the chemical.

MSDS are not standardized but should include:

  • Name and make up of chemical
  • Emergency telephone number(s)
  • Name of the manufacturer and distributor
  • Location of manufacturer and distributor
  • Signal word (Danger, Warning, Caution)
  • Regulatory information
  • Hazardous ingredients
  • First Aid procedures
  • Health hazard information
  • Control for exposure (Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required)
  • Physical hazard information
  • Spill or emergency directions
  • Disposal Information
Review the Following Points
  • The importance of the material safety data sheet (MSDS)
  • What is included on an MSDS list and why
  • The benefits of an MSDS.
The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Quiz

True or False

1. Employees have the right to know about on-the-job hazards.
2. The MSDA helps to protect employees.
3. There is no standard form for an MSDS.
4. An MSDS contains information on hazardous materials, substance, and wastes.
5. An MSDS describes chemical hazards and how to work with the chemical safely.

Answer Key
1. T, 2. T, 3. T, 4. T, 5. T

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