Farm Family Emergency Response

  • Hill, Davis

What if you were first to discovera family member in an emergency?
Would you know what to do?

Prepare your community

Farming is an occupation that exposes workers to many hazards. The key to surviving is not getting caught by these hazards. This program shows educators how to deliver the Farm Family Emergency Response Program in their community. Various modules are presented that depict typical farm injury incidents.


Typical instructors for this program include Cooperative Extension Educators, hospital personnel, agricultural teachers, and emergency service instructors. Educators with a strong knowledge of agricultural practices as well as rescue and patient care procedures make ideal instructors.

As an educator, you can make a positive difference in helping farm family members prepare for emergencies on their farms. One strategy in becoming prepared for an emergency is to identify and eliminate the hazards that could lead to such an emergency. Your actions as an educator in this program can have a direct effect on reducing the incidence of death and injury on local farms.

Instructor materials

The Instructor materials consists of:

  • A 20 minute "tutorial" discussion on how to present the program.
  • A demonstration presentation.
  • Reproducible class materials.
  • Instructional materials and module narratives.

System requirements

VHS Format: VCR, TV and computer with Word and Power Point programs.

DVD Format: PC with DVD drive and Power DVD, Windows Media Player (recommended) or Realplayer. Mac computers should have 450/g4 with a DVD drive. DVD's will also play in most home DVD players to view on a TV.

CD Format: PC with CD drive and Windows Media Player. 500 mhz/64 meg ram is suggested. All CD's are cross-platform and will play in Apple Mac or Windows. Mac computers will require Windows Media Player to play the tutorial and demonstration.

Available formats

Three separate media formats are available: VHS, DVD, or CD. The CD format is recommended if viewing on a computer monitor and not being projected. If being viewed on a TV monitor, choose the VHS or DVD media.

All formats come with the following:
  • The Instructor Tutorial
  • The demonstration presentation
  • A CD with PowerPoint presentations and reproducible class materials
  • An instructor notebook that contains instructional materials and module narratives
When you order, choose which version (VHS, DVD, or CD) that you would like.


Farm Family Emergency Response is intended for all farm groups, i.e. farm managers, employees, spouses, 4-H and FFA groups, etc. Participation as a family or as a farm work group is encouraged.


As an educator, you can make a valuable contribution to your community by helping to implement the Farm Family Emergency Response Program. With proper training, those first on the scene of injury emergencies will not only recognize potential dangerous situations, but will know what to do and what not to do to help the injured victim-who is often a family member.

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Prepared By Davis Hill, Senior Extension Associate, Department Of Agricultural And Biological Engineering

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