Easy Home Modifications for AgrAbility


  • LEVER HANDLES can replace round knob fixtures to help with individuals who have arthritis.
  • CLAPPER or REMOTE CONTROL can be used to turn lights, television or stereo on or off. These devices are helpful for various disabilities.
  • Install AUDIO ORVISUAL ALARM SYSTEMS for someone who has a hearing or vision loss.
  • TTY COMMUNICATION SYSTEM is provided by some phone companies to help people who have communication difficulties or hearing loss.
  • REACHER is handy to retrieve items up high or down on the floor. This is helpful for a person with a bad back, in a wheelchair or with arthritis.
  • For BATHROOM NEEDS, one can use PORTABLE COMMODES, GRAB BARS by the toilet or bathtub and BATHTUB SEATS. Some of these items you can get on loan at a local LOAN CLOSET.
  • FRONT LOADER WASHING MACHINE AND DRYER would be helpful if someone is in a wheelchair.
  • OUTSWING DOORS are helpful for wheelchair access.
  • Add EXTRA LIGHT FIXTURES for people who have vision loss.  
  • BRAILLE OVERLAYS for appliances are available from some manufacturers for people who have vision loss. 
  • Locate an ALTERNATE EMERGENCY EXIT that is safe for a person with a disability.  
  • For individuals who use a wheelchair and would like to be transferred to a couch or chair, it is best if the furniture is the same height as the wheelchair. If new furniture can not be purchased, you can place BLOCKS OF WOOD under furniture to give it more height.  
  • MANY LOW COST MODIFICATIONS can be used in your home for access and getting around your house. 
A portion of the information shared from: The Center for Universal Design Website and the Easter Seals Website .

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