Handle Modification

Building up handles is an easy way to help decrease vibration and facilitate a better grip.

Using built-up handles on tools or other household items may benefit those who are post-stroke, have rheumatoid arthritis, are missing fingers, have decreased grip strength, or experience hand pain or numbness while gripping objects.  


  • Wrap a WASHCLOTH around the handle and secure it with tape.
  • Wrap SELF-ADHESIVE ACE BANDAGE around the handle until desired thickness is achieved. The Ace Bandage is reusable, can be purchased at pharmacies and other stores, and costs less than $7.00 per roll.
  • Wrap CRAFT FOAM around the handle and secure it with tape. Craft foam is typically sold in 8”x11” sheets in a variety of colors. Craft foam can be purchased at craft stores for less than $1.00 per sheet.
  • Wrap pieces of RUBBER HOSE around the handle and secure it with tape. An old rubber hose is an item that can be found around the house, purchased at a garage sale, or purchased new at a hardware store.
  • Wrap ELASTACK SPIRO-WRAP around the handle. Elastack Spiro-Wrap is a reusable elastic band ¼” thick by 6” in length that provides cushioning and suction adherence to handles. It can be purchased from Sammons Preston Rolyan 1 for $5.95.
  • Wrap ELASTACK TAPE around the handle. Elastack Tape can be wrapped to form any size handle and is not reusable. It can be purchased in rolls that are (0.8” wide x 0.0045” thick x 2’ long) from Sammons Preston Rolyan 1 for $4.95 per roll.
  • Form a grip with DYNA-FORM-IT, a putty-like material that can be manipulated and formed into any shape. Dries in 24 hours. Available from Sammons Preston Rolyan 1 for $13.95 per 4 oz. can.  

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