Farming with Arthritis

Farming with ARTHRITIS has its problems. The good news is that by using modifications you may prevent further injuries and reduce arthritis pain.


  • ADD A STEP with non-slip material to farm machinery to help with getting on and off farm machinery safely.
  • SUSPENSION SEAT could be installed on your tractors or a SEAT CUSHION with lumbar support and ADJUSTABLE ARM RESTS added.
  • ADDITIONAL MIRRORS could be added to the inside and outside of the tractor cab. You can see what is happening behind you without twisting your back.
  • COMMUNICATION TOOLS, such as a cellular phone or two-way radio, can help save unnecessary trips and can be used in the event of an emergency.  
  • SPINNER KNOBS or ENLARGED HANDLES can be used to help with grasping or if you have a limited range of motion. 
  • PORTABLE STOOL and UTILITY VEHICLE will allow you to SIT DOWN as much as possible to lessen joint pain from prolonged standing and/or walking.  
  • KNEE PADS can be used when working on the ground.  
  • GLOVES can be worn to protect your hands. 
  • THICKER GRIPS can be used on tools and utensils to help with your grasp.  
  • CUSHIONED MATS can be placed around your work area to help reduce pain in your joints.  
  • AUTOMATIC or SELF ADJUSTING TOOLS, such as ratchets, power tools and air tools, can prevent repetitive motion.  
  • MANY LOW COST MODIFICATIONS can be used on your farm to prevent further injury. 

A portion of the information shared from: Arthritis Foundation and Missouri AgrAbility Project Fencepost Newsletter Volume 9, Number 1.

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