Injury and Illness in Washington Production Agriculture

Pesticide Issues Conference
  • Lutz, Jeff

Industry Perspective

  • Pesticides are needed tools
  • Tools are being phased out
  • Alternatives have marginal results
  • Trade barriers for pest populations in shipments; codling moth, cherry fruit fly
  • Lawsuits by environmental groups
  • Ag economy struggling
Growers Perspective
  • l Worker Protection Standard utilized; decontamination supplies for handlers
  • PPE is working; change-out and replacement schedules, cleaning & maintenance of PPE
  • Training & Education; Handler, Train-the- Trainer, etc.
  • “New regulations are killing us”
WFB Claims Data
  • PPE is working
  • Best practices required
  • Low claims for pesticide illnesses (WFB)
Cultural and Legal Issues
  • Language and educational barriers
  • Under-reporting due to legal status
  • Rules and Regulations; WPS, ChE, Respiratory Protection, Chemical Haz-Com
  • Worker’s Comp., fears – Employers/Employees

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