AgDARE - Agricultural Disability Awareness and Risk Education

  • Kidd, Pamela;
  • Reed, Deborah

AgDARE: Curriculum Development

All simulations included in this curriculum were field tested, revised, and tested again prior to their inclusion in the unit. Over eleven hundred agriculture students, in 21 Kentucky, Iowa, and Mississippi schools, participated in the development and testing of the simulations. The remaining learning activities were developed by experts in agricultural health and safety who also have teaching experience.

As you use materials from this collection, please keep us informed about what you have used, for what purposes, and with what degree of effectiveness. We also welcome your ideas for optional learning activities and unit revisions. Please direct additional comments or inquiries to Deborah Reed by letter or e-mail.

Deborah Reed, RN, PhD
University of Kentucky
College of Nursing
553 HSLC
Lexington, KY 40536-0232
e-mail <>

What you do every day in the classroom is important. We value and respect your contributions to enriching the lives of children and helping them become better citizens and in this case, safer farmers. Remember that one injury prevented is worth the time spent in the classroom on this topic.

Deborah B. Reed, RN, PhD
Pamela S. Kidd, PhD, FAAN
Henry P. Cole, EdD
Susan Pollack, MD
Tim Struttmann, MSPH
Steven R. Browning, PhD
Larry Piercy, MS, CSP
Susan Westneat, MA
Shari Burgus, MA
Beverly Belcher, MA
Dorthi Bearden
Debbie Claunch, BBA
Lynne Miller, BS
Daniel Rosnik, BA
Katheryn Wilson, BA

Participating Schools

Bath County High School
Hopkins County Central H.S.
Jackson County High School
Lincoln County High School
Logan County High School
Madison Central High School
Madisonville N. Hopkins H.S.
Mercer County High School
Scott County High School
Trigg County High School
Wolfe County High School
Atlantic High School
Harlan Community H.S.
Maquoketa Community H.S.
Rockwell-Swaledale H.S.
St. Ansgar High School
Wapsie Valley High School
Coffeeville High School
Northeast Jones High School
South Panola High School
Weir Attendance Center

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