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  • Kidd, Pamela;
  • Reed, Deborah

Spinal Cord Injury - Narrative Simulation

Materials: "What Happened to Bob?" problem booklet and answer sheets

15 minutes for written completion
15 minutes for discussion

Use the narrative simulation entitled "What Happened to Bob?" to encourage students to learn about the dangers of spinal cord injury on the farm and how it can affect the injured person. After all students have completed the activity, encourage them to interact with one another and as a group in discussing the activity.

Sample questions to use with the "What Happened to Bob" narrative:

  • How do you prevent incidents such as this on your farm?
      ROPS, wear seat belt, cab tractors, newer tractor, age of driver, driver training, etc.

  • How does a spinal cord injury affect a person?
      Physical damage as well as social, psychological, economical

  • How would your future as a farmer be affected by a spinal cord injury?
      Modified equipment, more expensive accommodations and adaptations, inability to perform some tasks

Problem Booklet
Flesch-Kincaide Grade Level 6.4
Flesch Reading Ease 73.0

Answer Key
Flesch-Kincaide Grade Level 6.6
Flesch Reading Ease 67.2

Answer Sheet, Questionnaire/Eval.
Flesch-Kincaide Grade Level 5.7
Flesch Reading Ease 74.7

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