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  • Kidd, Pamela;
  • Reed, Deborah

Spinal Cord Injury - Student's Study Sheet


1. What factors play a role in spinal cord injuries on the farm?

2. What are the three most common type of incidents that lead to spinal cord injury?

3. Name two types of incidents involving tractors that could cause injury.

4. What farm activities can result in falls leading to spinal cord injury?

5. How can spinal cord injury occur when operating an ATV?

6. Aside from machinery, what can cause spinal cord injuries to occur on farms?

7. Besides the medical bills, what other expenses result from spinal cord injuries?

8. What are the long-term physical consequences of spinal injury?

9. How can a spinal cord injury affect the people around you?

10. Name one rule for safe tractor operation.

11. What precautions should you take when operating an ATV?

12. When climbing in barns, or on ladders or equipment, what factor should you consider first?

13. Name three safety innovations that can prevent spinal cord injuries in agricultural occupations.

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