Introduction to the Special Issue Research to Practice in the Agricultural Workplace

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health
  • Pinkerton, Kent;
  • Schenker, Marc B.


Translational research has in recent years gained much attention, as it has been recognized that even outstanding research by itself does not necessarily result in improving the health of populations. In the world of occupational health, this effort has been most clearly spelled out as the Research to Practice (r2p) initiative of NIOSH ( The effort is described as a collaborative process between NIOSH and its partners that combines the generation of knowledge with the adoption of that knowledge in the workplace to reduce worker injury and illness. These goals are accomplished by prioritizing research, partnering to encourage adoption and use of research findings, and targeting research results. Key to the effort is the transfer and translation of research findings, technologies, and information into prevention practices and procedures. But how does this translation actually occur? What are the modalities for translating research to reduce illness and injury? Do different modalities (e.g.,engineering, education, legislation) go better with specific types of research? Are the modalities the same for different workplaces and working populations? For different health outcomes?

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