A Stable Dynamic Cohort Analysis of Installing Cost-Effective Rollover Protective Structures (CROPS)

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health
  • Biddle, Elyce A.;
  • Owusu-Edusei, Jr., Kwame


Cost-effective rollover protective structures (CROPS) are less costly model-specific rollover protective structure (ROPS) retrofits that are being developed and evaluated with the hope of increasing adoption and eventually preventing or mitigating injuries due to tractor overturns. A dynamic cohort of the estimated retrofittable non-ROPS tractors (accounting for attrition due to aging) was tracked over a 20-year period to determine the expected costs, as well as the expected number of fatal and non-fatal injuries resulting from tractor overturns. Two alternatives were tracked: No-ROPS and Install-CROPS. For a starting cohort size of 1,065,164 (an estimate for the year 2004), the Install-CROPS option prevented an estimated total of 878 (192 fatal and 686 non-fatal) injuries over the 20-year period. Expected costs were $513 million (cost of installing CROPS on all the non-ROPS tractors plus cost of the associated injuries) and $284 million (cost of injuries resulting from the No-ROPS option) over the same time period. Thus, the net cost per injury prevented was $260,820. When the cost of intervention ($1,000 for purchasing, shipping, and installation of existing ROPS retrofit) was used in the analysis, the cost-effectiveness ratio was $927,000 per injury prevented over the 20-year period. Thus, installing CROPS instead of existing ROPS retrofits improved the cost-effectiveness ratio substantially, with a 72% reduction in the net cost per injury prevented.

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