The Community Benefits of Farm Safety Day Camps

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health
  • Reynolds, Stephen, J.;
  • Braune, Jana;
  • Conaway, Michael B.;
  • Kelley, Shirley C.;
  • McCallum, Debra M.


In addition to the direct impact of a farm safety day camp on its participants' knowledge and safety awareness, there are extended and indirect effects that occur through the wider dispersion of information and the involvement and cooperation of community members. Reports completed by 228 coordinators of farm safety day camps, report forms completed by 5,037 volunteers at farm safety day camps, and telephone interviews with 924 parents of farm safety day camp participants were analyzed for evidence of the impact of the camps beyond the immediate knowledge gained by the children who participated. These data indicate that the indirect benefits to a community include enhanced safety awareness within the wider community as children and adult volunteers disseminate the information they learned, as well as enhanced community strength and cohesiveness resulting from the cooperation of many individuals and organizations in achieving a common goal.

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