Shock and Vibration Data Acquisition System for Off-Road Vehicle Operator Health and Safety Assessment

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health
  • Lehtola, Carol;
  • Balasubramanian, Karthik;
  • Burks, Thomas F.;
  • Lee, Won Jin


A data acquisition software and hardware system was developed for acquiring geo-referenced shock and vibration data using National Instruments' LabView graphical programming language. This was used in conjunction with a modular data acquisition and signal conditioning system and a Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) receiver. A prototype vehicle obstacle course, which introduced spatially varying shock events to vehicles as they traversed the course, was constructed. Obstacles consisted of both repetitious and single discrete events. A series of investigations was conducted on the obstacle course to evaluate the performance and characteristics of the DAQ system and the tractor when exposed to shock and vibration events. Spectral and time domain plots obtained from the geo-referenced data acquisition system (GDAQ) system under static, highway, and off-road obstacle course conditions were evaluated to demonstrate that the system performed as expected. The migration of experiments from laboratory to field gave confidence that this system could be used to collect shock and vibration data over a wide range of frequencies. The use of geo-referenced data records proved beneficial in isolating and extracting data segments of interest from a continuous data record.

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