Identifying Training Needs of Logging Truck Drivers Using a Skill Inventory

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health
  • Carnahan, Brian J.


The purpose of this research was to determine if the Driver Skill Inventory (DSI) could be used to characterize the self-assessed driving performance of commercial logging truck drivers. The DSI requires respondents to subjectively evaluate their own ability in regard to 15 different driving skills. The DSI responses of 1000 logging truck drivers were collected across three southeastern states. The underlying hypothesis in the current study was that DSI responses of these drivers would have similar reliability and factor structure as those DSI responses collected from non-commercial drivers in previous studies. Factor analysis of the data confirmed this hypothesis. Statistical analysis revealed that low self-ratings on various safety skill items within the DSI inventory were associated with: (1) inconsistency in using seat belts, (2) inconsistency in performing pre-trip inspections on logging trucks, and (3) committing moving violations. Conversely, high self-ratings ratings on various perceptual-motor skill items were associated with these same at-risk behaviors. The perceptual-motor skill items were also positively associated with negative attitudes toward driving regulations and the number of moving violations incurred over a three-year period. Non-parametric statistical analysis revealed that self-assessments were lowest for DSI skills pertaining to controlling one's anger while driving and managing the truck through a skid or slide. Results of the study confirmed that the DSI can be successfully applied to commercial logging truck drivers as part of an overall comprehensive training needs assessment.

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