Grooming Horses Safely

  • Richard, Dawn M.;
  • Malinowski, Karyn

sarvis curry picture
Sarvis Curry

A stiff curry used to curry the body, may be used gently on boney areas such
as below the knees and hocks. Also used to free the mane and tail of tangles.

soft brush picture Soft Brush
Used to remove dust and hair from the body, head and legs.
Also used on the mane and tail. Known as a dandy brush.

stiff brush picture Stiff Brush
Stiff bristles remove loosened dirt and hair from body and legs.
Do not use on the head.

rubber curry picture Rubber Curry
Flat and oval with 3 or 4 concentric rings of notched ridges. Suitable for
currying the body to loosen hair, dust and mud. Do not use on boney areas.

rubber mit curry picture
Rubber Mit Curry
Used to remove hair and mud from the legs and ears.

pulling comb, mane and tail comb picture Pulling Comb / Mane and Tail Comb
The pulling comb is a shorter version of the mane and tail comb and is used
to thin and shorten the mane. The mane and tail comb frees both from tangles.

hoof pick Hoof Pick
Provides a means of cleaning the crevices of the frog.

sweat scraper picture Sweat Scraper
Used to remove excess water or swet from the body and neck.
Do not use on legs or head.

sponge picture Sponge
When wet, it is used to wash and bathe. When nearly dry,
it is used to wipe out the eyes, ears, and nostrils.

shedding blade picture Shedding Blade
Can be used opened or closed to remove loose hair during shedding season.
Use gently on hips. Do not use on head or below the knees and hocks.

Cloth and Bucket
Bucket used to carry tools or water. The cloth can be used to wipe the face or free the body of dust or water.

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