Development of a Test Device for Evaluation of Thrown Object Hazards

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health
  • Baier, James W.;
  • Rummer, Robert B.;
  • Taylor, Steven E.;
  • Veal, Matthew W.


High-speed chains or rotating disks are commonly used to cut and process trees during forest harvesting operations. Mechanical failure or fatigue of these tools can lead to a potentially hazardous situation where fragments of chain or sawteeth are thrown through the operator enclosures on forest machines. Therefore, a test device is needed to evaluate the ability of a forest machine cab to resist puncture by thrown objects. This articles details the development of a high-pressure pneumatic launch system that propels sawteeth and chain fragments at velocities in excess of 150 m/s. This article also discusses the performance of the device following the first series of projectile launches.

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