Dynamic Performance of the Mechanism of an Automatically Deployable ROPS

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health
  • Etherton, John R.;
  • Cutlip, R. G.;
  • Harris, James R.;
  • Howard, Steven;
  • Means, Ken H.;
  • Ronaghi, Mahmood


The mechanism for an automatically deployable ROPS (AutoROPS) has been designed and tested. This mechanism is part of an innovative project to provide passive protection against rollover fatality to operators of new tractors used in both low-clearance and unrestricted-clearance tasks. The device is a spring-action, telescoping structure that releases on signal to pyrotechnic squibs that actuate release pins. Upper post motion begins when the release pins clear an internal piston. The structure extends until the piston impacts an elastomeric ring and latches at the top position. In lab tests the two-post structure consistently deployed in less than 0.3 seconds and latched securely. Static load tests of the telescoping structure and field upset tests of the fully functional AutoROPS have been successfully completed.

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