Factors Influencing the Occurrence and Severity of Farm Accidents: Comparing Work-Related and Non-Work-Related Events

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health
  • Hartley, Judy;
  • Park, Timothy A.


Economic incentives are emerging as useful preventive approaches to motivating farmers to adopt safer farming and managerial practices. The effectiveness of these programs and incentives will be enhanced by focusing resources on factors that play a critical role in contributing to farm accidents and the injury severity. A primary objective is to identify and assess the relative impact of factors that jointly influence the probability of work-related farm accidents relative to non-work-related accidents and the severity of farm accidents. The model uses survey data on producer characteristics, farm organization, and work routines from the Georgia Healthy Farmers Project (GHFP). A probit model describing the factors that influence the probability of a work-related accident is estimated jointly with an ordered probit model for farm accident severity. The probit model indicates that older farmers and hired farm workers have higher probabilities of experiencing work-related accidents relative to non-work-related events. Significant variables that influence the severity of farm accidents are more difficult to identify from the ordered probit models for both work-related and non-work-related farm accidents.

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