Non-Work-Related Farm Fatalities in Australia, 1989-1992

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health
  • Driscoll, Timothy R.;
  • Fragar, Lyn J.;
  • Franklin, Richard C.;
  • Mitchell, Rebecca J.


This study aims to examine farm fatalities, between 1989-1992 in Australia, of individuals not working at the time of the incident. Non-work-related farm fatalities in Australia were studied as part of a larger study of all work-related traumatic fatalities from 1989-1992. Information on 214 unintentional non-work-related farm fatalities was obtained from inspection of coronial files. The information was examined according to type of bystander (bystander to work or bystander to farm equipment) and other farm deaths. Agents such as dams, tractors, utilities, and cars were among the most common causes of death for bystanders involved in fatal incidents. Fire and smoke, creeks or rivers, and cars were the most common agents for other farm deaths. Drowning, vehicle accidents, and being hit by moving objects were among the most common mechanisms of fatal injury for non-work-related farm deaths. The information gained from this study has been used to develop the Child Safety on Farms Strategy for Farmsafe Australia and Farmsafe Australia's Farm Machinery Safety Strategy.

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