An Analysis of Injury Deaths on Florida Farms for Years 1989 Through 1998

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health
  • Lehtola, Carol;
  • Liller, Karen D.;
  • Noland, Virginia


The purpose of this study was to analyze injury deaths on Florida farms for years 1989 through 1998. A review of death certificates was undertaken for children, 0 to 17 years, and adults, ages 18 and older. There were a total of 231 injury deaths during this time period. Twenty deaths were in children and 211 deaths were in adults. The leading cause of death was machinery for both children and adults. Farmworkers between the ages of 60 to 89 were more likely to die of tractor deaths than other adult age groups. In addition, adult males were more likely to die on Florida farms than adult females, however, females were more likely to die as a result of a homicide. This study begins the injury related surveillance efforts of the Deep South Agricultural Health and Safety Center.

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