Development of the Farm Safety and Health Beliefs Scale

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health
  • Donham, Kelley J.;
  • Kendall, Thu;
  • Hodne, Carol J.;
  • Roy, Natalie;
  • Watson, David


Farmers' safety and health beliefs are measured by the new 24-item Farm Safety and Health Beliefs Scale (FSHBS), derived from the Health Belief Model (HBM) and tested among Iowa farmers (N = 259) involved in the Certified Safe Farms (CSF) project. A factor analysis of responses to 39 original FSHBS items revealed five HBM-related factors: (1) susceptibility to a farm-related accident/illness; (2) benefits of performing safety and health behaviors; (3) barriers to performing these behaviors; (4) self-efficacy regarding performing these behaviors; and (5) severity/finances regarding the consequences of an accident/illness. Farmers who feel more able to perform behaviors that promote their overall health report greater abilities and benefits in practicing proper farm safety and health behaviors. These farmers also feel less vulnerable to farm-related accidents and illnesses. Limitations are discussed, along with implications for educational and clinical interventions.

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