An Economic Motivator for Safe Farming: Changing Perceptions through Learning

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health
  • Cole, Henrey;
  • Kidd, Pamela;
  • Scharf, Ted;
  • Isaacs, Steven G.;
  • Parshall, Mark;
  • Struttmann, Tim


Farm owner-operators and workers tend to make safety decisions from a subjective cost/benefit perspective. Our research has supported that farmworkers do not recognize the direct and indirect costs associated with work-related injury and thus are not making safety decisions on an accurate basis. We have developed two injury prevention interventions that require the active participation of the farmworker, acknowledge that farm economics and productivity are influential in shaping the structure and organization of the enterprise, and relate safe work practices and safety improvements to economic viability of the farm. The two interventions, Kayles' Difficult Decisions exercise and the Farm Planning Tool, are discussed from a developmental and testing perspective. Considerations for using these interventions in agricultural health and safety are addressed.

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