Application of a Tractor Stability Index for Protective Structure Deployment

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health
  • Ayers, Paul;
  • Liu, Juhua


The reduction of injuries related to tractor rollovers is important to the agricultural industry. ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structures) and seat belts have been installed on many tractors, though many are still without this protective equipment. The existing hazard of tractor rollover is still impacting operators and encourages scientists to develop more effective control technologies and protective equipment.

The purpose of this article is to present the application of a stability index model for the rapid deployment of protective structures during a field upset. A preliminary deployment model was developed, and mainly consists of a measuring system of a stability index, a deployment strategy, and simulated control actuation. Results generated during upset tests of radio-controlled full-size tractors, equipped with a measuring system and deployment model, are presented. Video technology was used to validate the operation of the preliminary deployment model.

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