Planning Study of Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers in New York State: Understanding the Occupational Safety Environment Using Focus Groups

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health
  • May, John J.;
  • Ivory, Janet;
  • Earle-Richardson, Giulia


In this study, over a hundred migrant and seasonal farmworkers, growers, medical and social service providers, and researchers from around New York State were interviewed individually or in focus groups about the issues affecting farmworker occupational health and safety. The purpose was to understand the occupational environment in which these workers operate, and to determine the best approach for a future study.

The findings are: (1) that there is strong opposition to interviewing farmworkers; (2) participants at all levels need to see some clear benefit in their participation; (3) interest and support exists in the grower community for such research; and (4) farmworkers are more willing to participate in research when they know the researchers. These findings will guide a future research design for a study of farmworker occupational injuries and illnesses in New York State.

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