Epidemiological Characteristics of Reported Hand Injuries - New York State 1991-1995

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health
  • Pollock, John G.;
  • Casey, Gabrielle;
  • Hill, Marylee;
  • Boyd, Jane;
  • Gelberg, Kitty S.;
  • Grant, Alison;
  • Roerig, Sue


During investigation of 723 cases involving injury in the agricultural work place, we recorded 94 cases of injury to the wrist, hand, or finger; 40% of these resulted in permanent impairment. Agricultural equipment caused 71% of the injuries, and animals caused 15%. Amputation, fracture, laceration, and contusion were the injuries most frequently recorded, and fingers were the parts most affected. Sixty percent of the victims lost more than one week of work. The causes of the incidents varied, but our investigations indicated that many resulted in part from inexperience or poor work practices. The data indicate a surprising amount of work time lost for what might be regarded as a less than major injury and a need for additional attention to engineering-based interventions and injury prevention.

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